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We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for busy contractors who demand a confidential, reputable, HMRC compliant and reliable payment service so you get paid what you need and on time.

We’re able to offer incentives for successful colleague referrals, and simply for joining one of our affiliate Umbrella Company payroll platforms via our services. Our knowledgeable agents are always available to chat when you need them, and the best part is there is no charge whatsoever to you.

Over the last 12 years we’ve built relationships with many organisations that specialise in the contracting industry – and, our offerings are not limited solely to umbrella companies, we have links to bespoke accountancy platforms and other compliant employment solutions that may benefit you.

We appreciate the value of loyalty and take measured steps to ensure all of our affiliated providers hold customer service as a priority. Providing the level of service you expect is, and will remain, the priority throughout.

Once we have briefly discussed your current set-up, we’ll find the services that best suit your needs and will happily explain the benefits and costs associated. If you choose to explore the option further then we’ll pass along your details once you have granted permission to do so.

At Compare Umbrella Companies, our success comes down to our ability to calculate and optimize contractor Take Home Pay rates. To do this we canvas the UK’s best umbrella companies and accountancy firms who specialize in contractor pay.

We understand that some of you may have concerns surrounding upcoming IR35 private sector legislation changes and how they may affect your contractor lifestyle. Thankfully our knowledgeable team can help navigate you through the IR35 changes while allowing you to retain great Take Home Pay rates.

The team behind our comparison site works hard to cater to all industries, we’re proud to say that our customer base includes; IT contractors, Locum Doctors, Agency Nurses, Oil and Gas specialists, Project Managers and much more – why not join our ever-growing contractor family?

Signs are beginning to show that agency work and contracting jobs are on the rise all over the UK, whether you’re on the lookout for IT contract jobs, agency work in London, agency work in Glasgow or general contractor jobs – we have a service that will be able to assist you.

If you have a need to work out Take Home Pay based on your contractual duration and value please do not hesitate to use our umbrella company calculator – shortly after we’ll be in touch with the best umbrella company for your needs.

Our Take Home Pay calculator works with just a few key details from yourself, your data will always be stored securely and will never be shared without your permission.

All affiliated/suggested providers have appropriate insurance coverage and boast multiple years of experience in their fields.

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One of the only Umbrella’s that is run by accountants and lawyers meaning we are always on top of legislation.

Offering every type of accounting you’ll need, so you can keep it hassle-free as your career develops.

Keeping up to date with legislation, working with our advisors so you get the most compliant solutions.

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Making sure that you stay up-to-date with the latest news in the world of contracting.

The path towards the implementation of changes to the off-payroll working rules (IR35) in the private sector has been a bumpy one. Despite outspoken sector resistance, a challenge from the House of Lords, and a delay of 12 months caused by Covid-19’s, it is looking increasingly likely that these changes will go ahead on April 6th, 2021.

On that date, it will become the responsibility of medium and large-sized clients in the private sector (implementation in the public sector began in 2017) to determine the employment status of any worker fulfilling a role under their contractual premise. For contractors and freelancers, this may mean those regular assignments being undertaken by their limited company of PSC be deemed inside IR35. In this situation said contractor would be viewed as an employee of the company and subject to PAYE.

For contractors, the financial implications surrounding the IR35 changes are substantial. Being a contractor within IR35 means that you’re eligible to pay more taxes than a regular employee (you’d be responsible for both Employer and Employee NIC). It also means that you’ll be unable to earn dividends from your company – which are typically subject to less tax (NIC’s are not payable on dividends). To give a brief number-crunching example, an individual with an annual income of around £45k would take home around £8.5k less per year if they fall within IR35 – from that perspective, it’s easy to see why there is resistance.

So what are the options for contractors? Well, there are a few cards on the table – firstly let’s remember your contract may fall outside IR35, in which case it’s business as usual. You could also be very selective of your contract definitions to ensure you have every possible chance of falling outside IR35 (Though final determination falls to the client, not yourself).

You could become a permanent employee of the client. Listening to the masses, we’re finding that this is not a very popular option – but it would mean that you’re not paying as much tax as you would as a contractor fulfilling the same assignment duties. 

You could choose to trade via an umbrella company such as ourselves. An umbrella acts as an intermediary between yourself and the client – you wouldn’t be employed by your own limited company for this particular assignment, but you’d retain your flexibility and independence from the end client and wouldn’t be responsible for paying employers NIC. You would also shed the administration of payroll and contract review, and you’d have access to employee rights such as holiday pay, sickness pay, etc.

But other murmurs are beginning to increase in volume. Is the UK positioning itself to lose a high percentage of extremely talented agency workers? Contractors tend to be independently minded – they understand their worth and can be hesitant to conform – because of this, we’ve heard from more than a few individuals who are planning to leave the UK altogether. Other countries in the EU and further afield remain flexible in their approach to working/assignment conditions. Specialists in a variety of industries; IT, engineering, healthcare, energy (to name a few) understand that they have no geographic boundaries limiting their opportunities. If there are higher earning to be had elsewhere, why would they choose to stay within a system that is becoming ever more restrictive?

Is the UK poised to lose a generation of young talent who have little ties or responsibility keeping them grounded? Only time will tell. One thing that we know for sure is that in April 2021 the scene will be turbulent and confusing for many, umbrella companies will be in high demand, many limited companies and PSC’s will cease trading and we predict that the UK may lose some of its best and brightest prospects for pastures greener.

As a contractor, what are your thoughts on IR35 reform? Do you have a plan to continue your trade? Let us know.

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