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HMRC compliant and reliable payment service so you get paid what you need and on time

Affiliate Companies

Charteris Management

  • Medical contractor specialists
  • Industry Specific insurance coverages
  • Reliable faster payments

Charteris have been nothing but supportive throughout my time working with them, payments are consistently on time and accurate and they'll happily chase my agency if there is any form of delay.

Greenwich Contracts Limited

  • Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) registered.
  • Specialists in the energy, gas & oil sectors.
  • Reliable Faster Payments.

Really helpful company, I was new to contracting only a few months ago - the Greenwich team told me everything I needed to know about how payments work and have been quick to answer any questions I've posed. A big thumbs up from me!

SwanHealth Limited

  • Medical specialist umbrella with low weekly & monthly fees.
  • Speedy, low hassle onboarding process.
  • Reliable Faster Payments.

SwanHealth have been great to work with. Joining their services has removed any worries I had with my previous umbrella company - they’re extremely reliable and very friendly. Highly recommended!

HealthChart Limited

  • Designed to cater to the busy world of Healthcare.
  • Modern, friendly customer service.
  • Reliable Faster Payments.

I've been delighted to speak with people who understand my unique circumstances. Thanks to HealthChart all my payroll issues are sorted.

SmartPay Central

  • Top class service at a very low cost.
  • Insurance coverage that caters to all industries and job titles.
  • Reliable Faster Payments.

I am really satisfied with my Smart Pay Central. I've used it for the last few months. I have no regrets! Keep up the excellent work.

Umbrella Requirements Limited

  • Well established, with years of experience in the industry.
  • Dedicated personal representitives assigned form day 1.
  • Reliable Faster Payments.

I dealt with 3 umbrella companies in quick succession due to customer service and communication levels - then I found Umbrella Requirements... They're no hassle, easy to contact, great service.

Clarity Contractors UK

  • Quick application and onboarding process.
  • Colleague referral incentives.
  • Reliable Faster Payments.

I switched to Clarity a few months ago – I’ve not looked back since. A great organization with wonderful staff.

DoctorPay Ltd

  • Low fees & quick onboarding.
  • Specialists in the world of medical contracting.
  • Reliable Faster Payments.

DoctorPay have always paid me on time and I can always talk to the same contact if I have any questions. What more can I say?

Ezyco Accounts

  • Bespoke accountancy for small to medium businesses.
  • Years or experience in the industry.
  • Competitive rates on a range of accountancy provision, from self-assessment to set up and management of Limited companies.

"Friendly, reliable & approachable. The team at Ezyco have been a great help in getting my business up and running."

Umbrella Contracts Limited

  • Proven longevity with over 10 years in the industry.
  • Partners with over 100 recruitment agencies
  • Reliable Faster Payments.

Unbelievable service levels, I've used Umbrella Contracts for the past 3 years and have never been disappointed. Truly a great company.