Contracting via an umbrella company – advantages and disadvantages

Once upon a time, contractors were almost certain to start a Limited Company as a way to run their operations….

Contracting via a limited company – advantages and disadvantages

As a contractor, it’s likely that you’ll have two options regarding the structure of your contracts. While joining an umbrella…

Which is best Limited or Umbrella Company?

Moving into the world of contracting can be an immensely exciting time for a modern worker, not least because an…

A contractor’s guide to comparing umbrella companies

As a contractor in the UK, linking up with an umbrella company may be one of the smartest moves you’ll…

Questions To Ask Prospective Umbrella Company Providers

The decision to work through an umbrella company is a big one, but one that offers numerous benefits to contractors….

What are umbrella companies, and how do they work?

So what are Umbrella Companies and how exactly do they work? With more and more assignments being handled by contractors…

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