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What is Take Home Pay?

Take Home Pay is the net amount of income that you receive after the deduction of taxes, insurances, and other deductions have been removed from your weekly/monthly salary. It is a difference between the gross incomes less all deductions. Take Home Pay is influenced by a variety of factors, including: Income Tax, National Insurance, Personal Allowance, student loan repayments, pension contributions, Benefits such as childcare vouchers and bonuses.

If you’re a contractor working through an agency, a lot of the times agencies will require you to find an Umbrella Company that processes payroll. That’s where Compare Umbrella Companies come in, CUC works with leading Umbrella Companies that specialize in sectors such as Healthcare, Medical, IT, Financial, Media & Entertainment and more. Companies such as: Charteris Management, Greenwich Contracts, Healthchart, Umbrella Contracts, and More.

Compare Umbrella Companies is a Take Home Pay calculator that works to get your, the contractor, the best Take Home Pay possible. Using the leading companies in the world of contracting, we work out your Take Home Pay using an accurate calculator. We were built by contractors for contractors. We can work out your Take Home Pay for you and find you the best Umbrella Company for the industry you work in and what sector you are in.